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The history of Rolex has been one of technical innovations that profoundly changed watchmaking in the twentieth century, from the patent of the Oyster case to the adoption of the first automatic movement with a Perpetual rotor, including the huge number of chronometric certifications obtained for its watches.

But, beyond patents, inventions and firsts, the reputation of the brand founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905 remains strongly linked to its historical models, all characterized by an extraordinary longevity.

These include the professional divers Submariner and Sea-Dweller; the cosmopolitan GMT Master and Explorer; timeless Datejust and Day-Date; but, above all, the legendary Daytona Cosmograph, the most famous chronograph of all time.

Many of these watches - especially the first series made in the 50s and 60s – belong to the wonderful world of collectible watches and are known by the names of famous actors or sportsmen who have worn them: especially the James Bond Submariner or Paul Newman Daytona.

These stories from history, then, that fueled the myth of Rolex, certainly the world's most prestigious watch-maker, and also the one that has the concept of Haute Horlogerie with a production in large numbers, designed to meet the demands that come from the entire global market.