"A long queue of black limousines stopped in front of the shop. My colleagues and I stepped out to figure out what was going on." Massimo Bedetti gave a very detailed account of that day.

"They were wearing elegant black suits and super tight t-shirts; two enormous bodyguards opened the car door and a man with black sun glasses came out: it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, completely black dressed like the other two. A movie scene in the heart of Rome. Everybody was around him to protect the Hollywood star, they were so big and muscular that they passed with difficulty through the double security door of our shop."

Remembers Bedetti, hinting a smile.

It was 1999 and Schwarzenegger was in Rome to promote the new restaurant Planet Hollywood, which just opened in Via del Tritone.

"Despite his intimidating look - Bedetti keeps on saying - Schwarzenegger was very kind and friendly and he gently asked to speak to the time technician."

He needed to change the glass of his Audemars Piguet "Royal Oak Offshore End of Days", which he ruined while shooting the movie "End of Days", where the star played the role of ex-police agent Jericho Cane.

"At that time we were dealers of the brand Audemars Piguet - underlines Mr. Bedetti - and Schwarzenegger chose to entrust our shop. He awaited with calm and curiosity the watch to be repaired, while clenching a big Cuban Cigar between his teeth. After wearing the watch at his wrist with a satisfied look, he went away greeting our staff with a meaningful glance. He finally reached the exit door, passing through a group of fans who, in the meanwhile, gathered in front of the shop, but who were promptly pushed away by his bodyguards.

To serve great clients one needs a great shop. Bedetti: "We've marked your time since more than one hundred years."