It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the new website is finally on line for the launch of the new Bernini Collection.

A full satisfaction debut we have come to after years of hard work. We wanted to take the right time to create and organize content, because our approach to watchmaking is full of passion and savoir-faire and is the result of a long culture and tradition of the time.

Minimalist, refined and modern, but with a classic design, the watches of the Bernini collection are designed to be suitable for any occasion both at work and in informal evenings. The Bernini timepieces owe their exclusivity to the careful choice of materials that make them exclusive luxury objects, but not inaccessible.

To know the exact time today, telephone and computer are enough, but the watch remains the symbol par excellence of masculine elegance. Elegance to which the collection, which pays tribute to the multi-talented Italian artist who is the greatest exponent of Baroque figurative culture, is inspired and that contains a perfect synthesis between classical watchmaking tradition and modern approach, thanks to over 125 years of experience.

We look forward to seeing you at our store, at number 11 of Piazza San Silvestro, in Rome. To admire live the Bernini collection and tell you about our business in person and convey the passion with which we carry out our projects since 1882.

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