The Bedetti store, designed by the creative architect Rebecchini, is unique in its kind and since decades is a reference point for fans and collectors of high-end watches Rolex in the first place. Suffice it to say that the cooperation between Rolex and Bedetti began in 1934 and since then the Bedetti family sold through its internal technical laboratory one of the most known and qualified in Italy, maintained the clocks of Crowned House and many other prestigious brands.

The shop in Piazza San Silvestro from 1955 still retains the original look with a counter iron horse and the steel column, a design element futuristic at the time, that now gives the store a vintage touch and makes it a example of "retro-tech style". In an era where many jewelers are identical and are drawn with modern rules and aseptic concept, Bedetti family is proud to carry on a centuries-old tradition in a distinctive from the shop belonging to the association of "Historical Shops of Excellence in Rome".

If you have never had the opportunity to visit us you can take the opportunity to look at the corner dedicated to second-hand. Loved both by those who are looking for a watch because out of production (such as the Daytona Paul Newman) and by those on a budget.

All second-hand watches for sale at the store Bedetti are checked and reviewed and guaranteed by origin, authenticity and proper functioning. That is new and unworn, or used and well-preserved, a Rolex is always a good deal. Do not you buy only the brand, but the safety of putting a reliable wrist watch and always synonymous with luxury.

Whether you are in possession of luxury watches and want to invert or you are looking for a vintage Rolex come and visit us, our staff will be at your disposal for advice and quotes.