Among the news presented by Breitling at Baselworld 2015, the cutting edge B55 Connected sticks out. The first chronograph by this eminent Swiss brand whereof Bedetti is the official retailer, connected to the smartphone in low energy bluetooth.

A watch conceived especially for pilots who thanks to an app, can see and check on their phone screen functions like: time control, time zones and other controlls, in addition to specific data for the branch of aviation: take-off and landing time, electronic speedometer etc.

The functions can be selected by simply turning the ferrule and the activation goes via two buttons. The two liquid crystal displays have an high brightness backlit system that can be activated by slightly pressing on the ferrule or also when the user flexes his wristle for more than 35°.  The user can also download from the cronograph to his smartphone the values he mostly is interested in- flying times for example- to read them in a more easy way, or simply he can store or spread them.

The absolute protagonist remains, afterwards, the chronograph, while the connection with the phone only has aim the comfort improving.

The B55 Connected is distinguished also for its technical aspect. In fact it’s provided with a new exclusive Breitling calipers, a SuperQuartz™motion which is ten times more precise than the ordinary quartz, declared as chronometer by the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute), the highest authority in themes of precision and reliability based on an international regulation.  It is a titanium cased watch with a black covering with carbon and the watch quadrant decorated with a blue symbol that represents the wireless connection.

The B55 furthermore has a magnetic connector for the power source that allows to charge the battery also via USB connection. The lot is guaranteed to the wrist with a solid India rubber watchband.
Thanks to the bidirectional communication, the B55 and the smartphone create a complementary duo in which eachone is called to make what it can do better.