The second edition of the "Mitteleuropean Race" has just finished the classic regularity race dedicated to historic cars.

From friday 13 to Sunday 15th October, it took part in about forty cars representing a car history of 17 brands.

The most represented company was the Lancia with seven cars, followed by the Porsche with six, the Alfa Romeo with five and one or two only Amilcar, Autobianchi, Bugatti, Fiat, Fiat Nsu, Fiat Osca, Opel, Riley and Siata. Exemplars built between 1926 and 1978 - a third is of great value in the pre-war years - with the smallest 995 cc of a Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport at the largest 2.300 cc of a Mercedes 230 Sl.

The route divided into two stages of 330 km with dozens of timed trials and two averages departing from Trieste crossed the Collio, the Karst, Portorose and then Pirano, Island, Koper and Muggia. A level event that has been able to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the city through historic cars.

Among the most prestigious are Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 April 1932, Alfa Romeo 6C 1949, 1952 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, 1935 Amilcar CGS, 1927 Bugatti T40, Fiat Balilla Sport 508 S 1933, Lancia Aprilia 1936, 1948 Porsche 356, 1938 Stanguellini 1100 Sport and 1955 Triumph TR3.

Among the participants our friend and customer Gianni Collareta at wrists a splendid Breitling Navitimer World together with Angelo Zanutel on board a Fiat 508C. The sophomore New Balilla 1100 has been known only and always as 1100. It was introduced to the public in 1937 and was in production until 1939 when the Fiat 1100 was launched. At that time it was 19,500 lire and was produced in 57,000 specimens in the Cabriolet, Berlin and Berth with sunroof.

Fulvio Bacchelli, winner of the 1977 New Zealand World Rally, made a dumper and commented on the event: "It's all very nice to start with the roads I've faced with Abarth 124." To win the race was the crew formed by Andrea Guerini and Andrea Vesco with a Fiat 508S Balilla Sport of 1934. Second place for Annamaria Covelli and Gian Mario Fontanella on a Lancia Aprilia of 1939 and third place at Eugenio Piccinelli and Marco Gatta board of an Amalcar in 1926.

Bedetti, Breitling's official dealer, congratulates with organizers and participants and awaits you at your San Silvestro store to show you the whole woolen collection.

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