The entire Baume et Mercier production, which moves gracefully between perfection and quality, is always made at the prestigious Studio of the namesake house in the heart of Switzerland. The assembly process is studied in detail, from used materials to the tradition of an ancient production. A division of labour between craftsmen with specific skills that repeats secular gestures day after day, combining the classic style of the brand to a modern and new version of watches.

The brothers Baume et Mercier do their job using the best raw materials and precious components meticulously forged. The movements and the processes of niche production of this famous swiss house are safe and tested over the years. The result: reliable and efficient watches, a symbol of elegance and charm!

The production of the classic Baume et Mercier timepieces is based upon small pieces assembled in a clinic way. Watches undergo to a rigorous quality control to ensure that every detail and finish of each component  entirely satisfy the requirements set by the brand. Unique is also the choice of outlets of these precious pieces, which Bedetti is the great representative, exclusive and elegant as the Baume et Mercier.