Hublot official timekeeper and official FIFA World Cup clock 30 days after kick-off celebrates the event with a strong universal message for young people: "How to become a champion!"

Pelé and Maradona, ambassadors of the Maison of Nyon, embody this example. Respect, humility, a steel mind and impressive performance.

"I believe that for a brand - said Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Hublot - there is no better success than gathering their friends and ambassadors around a project that brings positive and motivating values. This campaign is significant, for the power of portraits, the intensity of words, but also for the charisma of the different personalities. For us football is above all a wonderful way to transmit values ​​and this campaign serves not only to pay tribute to talents, to transmit the desire to play, the desire to achieve one's dreams, but also to pass a message of hope and solidarity. Images and quotes to bring back to mind whenever necessary. So: we can all be champions! "

A campaign that launches a strong message, to be discovered in 13 images of as many personalities and quotes to inspire. Players and coaches united by love for football. In the portraits also appears the symbol of this World Cup: the Matrioska and the Hublot ball, created and painted by the Russian artist Andrey Bartenev.

Hublot once again unites around a unique project, personalities that were not destined to meet, thanks to the skilful art of fusion that has made this brand famous throughout the world.

Bedetti dealer of the brand awaits you in his shop to admire the Hublot masterpieces.
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