Usually at three o'clock mail the crown is present in automatic, mechanical, or manual movements. The crown is not just an aesthetic element - where the logo of the manufacturer's brand stands out - but it is the watch regulator. Through the crown you can adjust the time and date and even recharge the clock movement.

An even more important role is played by the crown in underwater watches where it is equipped with a protective gasket and screw closure.

Perhaps not everyone knows it was Rolex in 1926 to patent the crown screw clamp system. A system that uses a threaded tube protruding from the casing and ingots an identical thread. In addition to this fixing, there are also so-called shoulder gaskets or a sealing gasket system that increases the degree of waterproofness of the watch.
A masterpiece of technical skill, the Rolex watch wristwatch consists of about ten elements and hermetically screwed on the watch case. The Twinlock and Triplock charging crowns, developed by Rolex, use two or three gaskets, respectively, to ensure a watertightness comparable to that of a submersible hatch.

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