The Bedetti family cares for the values ​​of a great tradition begun more than a century ago by Antonio Bedetti. Already an orchestra conductor at Santa Cecilia, Mr. Antonio was a great fan of clocks and contributed to the realization of the Pincio hydrographometer created in 1867 by Giambattista Embriaco.

In 1955, his son, Marcello, who had already begun his father's business, opened the San Silvestro Square shop in the immediate vicinity of Montecitorio and the Trevi Fountain. Fountain to which Mr Bedetti has always been tied. Designed by Nicola Salvi and finished by Giuseppe Pannini in 1735, the Trevi Fountain is represented by a shell carved by triton and is one of the most impressive and visited monuments in Rome. For all visitors it is tradition to launch a coin with the right hand over a left shoulder in the water of the fountain and express a wish. A tradition celebrated by the movie "Three Money in the Fountain" that a coin allows to return to Rome, two instead will fall in love with an Italian and three coins mean that they will marry in Rome.

Mr. Bedetti and his son Massimo to enforce this tradition were used to give tourists, foreigners and non-residents, a map of Rome with a 10 lire coin denominated Spiga sealed with the wax. 

Today, the children Stefano and Marcello at the helm of the company under Mr. Massimo's supervision have resumed this family tradition. The first fifty customers who will go to the store to buy a watch or jewel will then be given the 10 lire Spiga. Additionally, the best photo launch of the coin placed on our social network will receive an exclusive Rolex gadget.

In a world where many jewelry stores are similar and renewed according to aseptic concepts, the Bedetti family is proud to carry an ultracentenary tradition into a distinguished image store that still today is a benchmark for a qualified national and international customers the heart of the eternal city.