For over fifty years, Dinh Van has continued to renew its unique style.

Founded in 1965 by the initiative of the jeweler-craftsman of Vietnamese origin Jean Dinh Van - after working as a designer for Cartier - the Maison has been able to create its own niche market with a clean style without symbols, with geometric lines far from the traditional codes of classic jewelry.

The first design jewel of Dinh Van to be famous was the "2 Pearls" ring created in 1967 for Pierre Cardin. A square silhouette in which two colored spheres are placed in the center. A unique jewel entered in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

The idea of ​​combining Eastern minimalism with the modern taste of the West is at the base of the creativity of Dinh Van, who has made common objects, such as shaving razor blades or handcuffs, unique and precious objects. For Dinh Van there is no place for voluminous stones and flashy forms. His are sober and modern jewels to wear every day.

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