The history of the Longines brand began in Saint-Imier in Switzerland in 1832. A brand that often met the history of aviation because usually a great company is accompanied by a great clock: the first navigation tool and the best ally of pilots.

In 1927 Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo crossing of the Atlantic without a stopover from New York to Paris.
With him a timepiece studied and created for the occasion: the Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle can determine its longitude (angle) compared to the Greenwich meridian.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of this enterprise and Longines has re-proposed a new edition of this watch: the Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle 90th Anniversary. The Lindbergh Hour Angle 90th Anniversary has a 47.5mm diameter case with an ETA L699 caliber (28'800 alt / h) with automatic winding and a 42h power reserve and allows you to calculate your longitude quickly and accurately using a dial system.

By correcting the equation of time and knowing the exact time of the place in which one finds oneself, one can understand one's longitude as the difference between the two local hours expressed in hourly angles. An ingenious and anachronistic system nowadays, but used by Lindbergh in 1927 thanks to the Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle. Let's see how it works.

Inside the white dial there are Arabic numerals that indicate from 15 to 180 and represent the earth's rotation of 15 ° every hour and are indicated through the hour hand. The minute hand shows 1 ° every 4 minutes visible in the central black dial where the numbers go from 1 to 15. The outer ring indicates instead the fractions of arc each of the 15 ° for now is divided into 4 sectors with 15 'of arc each .
Through the ring and the minute and hour hands you can identify the rotation of the Earth's axis with a sensitivity of 15 'of arc and the whole system of dials allows you to simultaneously control the time and the time angle.To calculate the Exact longitude still requires an almanac, a sextant, and the tables of the ephemeris, and the clock must be set to the correct time in Greenwich.

The Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle 90th Anniversary is available in two versions: one in steel and the other in limited edition titanium of only 90 copies: one for each year from the company to today (1927-2017).
The dial is enamelled the black ring is in PVD and the "Breguet" hands are in blued steel. The steel caseback reveals the movement through a sapphire crystal. The strap is in leather with "Charleston" buckle and fits different wrists.

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