The launch of the new Pomellato collection, in which Salma Hayek plays a leading role, is combined with a video – see the link in the footnote- that relies on the contrast between night lights that vibrate in rhytm of a dj, and the hamless actions of a goldsmith who works on jewells.

The video like so the namesake collection, are dedicated to Milan, showing the will to remain bonded to the Maison origins, founded in the Lombard city, in 1967 by Pino Rabolini. The atmospheres depict the glamour soul of the city, worldwide capital of fashion and point of convergence in art and design, through the architectural perspective and with a minimal and sophisticated graphic.

The Milano Collection construes, with a contemporary code, the classical themes of the gold-working tradition and thanks to their handcrafted excellence, creates jewels conceived to be a game in women’s hands.  Double and singe rings, to be worn of your choosing by mixing different textures and the gold colors.

Designed for a young and cosmopolite audience, the new collection Milano embodies a fusion between the state of being contemporary and the handmade tradition, in a simple but powerful mix worthy of a global reputation DJ as global is Pomellato success.

Pop into see us in our shop, we’ll be happy to show you the new Pomellato collection.