On the 13th of December 1871 the Municipality of Rome decided to restore the Pincian Promenade. The architect Gioacchino Ersoch was called to carry out those works.

When the priest/scientist Giovan Battista Embriaco came to know about the facts, he offered to manufacture a hydraulic clock. And so it was that, with the help of his friend Antonio Bedetti, former conductor of the Santa Cecilia National Academy, father Embriaco created a real jewel of applied physics in hydraulics and mechanics.

Ersoch included the work within his decor plan of the Pincio and chose a "treasure chest" setting to protect and at the same time show the sophisticated hydraulic, self-adjusting mechanism, constantly fed by the Acqua Marcia, gathered from the nearby reservoir and distributed throughout the garden. Ersoch revised the style of the "Swiss chalet" giving the clock the form of a wooden tower. The four clock dials, visible from all directions, were protected by crystal glass from France and colored and shaped using molten iron in imitation of tree trunks with its array of concentric circles. Even the brass hands were shaped in plant forms and the fountain erected on a small rock in the middle of a pond.

In 2007, after many years of interruption, slowdowns and diachronies, the water clock of the Pincio, thanks to the boys of the Professional School ELIS (“Educazione Lavoro Istruzione Sport” or Education Job Instruction Sport) was restarted and given back to the many visitors of Villa Borghese.

These are the words of the director of ELIS School Pierluigi Bartolomei: "A couple of years ago we had the idea of doing something useful for the city of Rome. What we had in mind when we asked for the adoption of the hydrochronometer of the Pincio Walk to the City of Rome was to offer our students a project that qualifies them, despite their age, as active citizens."

Now everyone can once again admire this watch so unique in its kind, a splendid example of late nineteenth-century mechanical architecture to whose realization the Bedetti family is glad to have contributed.