“It was 1975 when, in our store, we received a phone call by a man who identified himself as the loyal collaborator of a known director.“ Massimo Bedetti is speaking; at that time he was at the helm of the family company. It was the era of social uprisings and political changes: described on the silver screen in a masterful way by the Italian directors who made our country famous in the world.

“I remind, that day we have just opened the store, when a young and refined man showed up; he said to be the personal assistant of Luchino Visconti, the famous film-maker, known as the red count of the Italian cinema.“

At that time the director – who moved in 1939 in Rome - lived in a big apartment in Fleming district, after he left its extraordinary house in Via Salaria.

The assistant selected a set of ten watches, almost all Rolex and invited me the following day, with a coworker of mine, to bring them to the Master, in person. “[...] “ When I arrived to the house I immediately noticed that the shutters were completely lowered. Thousands of candels lighted the house and it was full of vases with flowers in every room.
The director was wearing a soft red nightgown and a scarf with a coloured pattern on his neck, he politely let us get comfortable, while he was sitted on an armchairs and inspected the goods.

The director of the movies The Leopard and Senso was a real aesthete. Cultured and real beauty lover, he was elegant in thinking and working.

“I remember his attractive gaze – Bedetti carries on – that released strenght and moral severity, despite he was phisically exhausted, and in the mean time an endless sweetness.
A nice encounter, without excessive words. That however remains an unforgettable moment that has marked our story. Our family – ends Bedetti – is happy for having contributed to give bliss moments to an artist who made Italy great.”