“Rome has the elegance of humanity and of history”, Gianfranco Ferré used to say. It’s not surprising that in Rome, also the shops are “historical”. There are some, in fact, that very often have authentic old decors, like quaintness windows and signs, with considerable architectonical value, recognized as city heritage by the Roman institutions.

These historic shops of excellence, in 2008, joined in an association, thanks to some businessmen will, who represented historic Roman enterprises.

The association of the Roman Historic Shops of Excellence – stores like Tebro, Giolitti, Ciampini, Davide Cenci and Bedetti are members, just to quote few- is an important element of urban qualification and carries out artisan traditions that endager to disappear.
One of the essential condition to join up the association is that the business has to be run by the same family, since at least three generations, for more than seventy years, in the same commodities sector and in the same location, inside the area “Historic city”.

The Bedetti family cooperates with Rolex since 1934 and the current activity location is the Piazza San Silvestro store, opened in 1955, by Mar-cello Bedetti, son of Antonio Bedetti, resourceful orchestra leader at the National Acadamy of Saint Cecilia, that with his father Embriaco, realized the Pincio Hydrocronometer.

Another purpose of the association is to help companies that thanks to their system, story, tradition, passion, knowledge and ability are able to face foreward challenges of the market, and that are able to represent for Rome proof of imprenditorial talent.

Challenges that the Bedetti house took with the aim to be closer to its customers, with a care geared toward the digital world: the new website, the Facebook fan page and the help line via the instant messaging WhatsApp system.

An international business card, that more and more, ties the brand Bedetti to the Eternal City and its monuments.