It was 1995 when Breitling launched the Emergency, the first wristwatch in the world with built-in dual frequency emergency locator, a new level in miniaturization and reliability that goes far beyond the realm of watchmaking.

The latest version, the Emergency Night Mission, has a micro transmitter which emits a digital signal on the frequency allocated to satellites and a second analog signal on the international aeronautical distress frequency 121.5 MHz that allows the localization and rescue of pilots or passengers after a plane crash.

Synonym for safety in every situation and in every corner of the world for professionals and lovers of the adventure, this timepiece classified in the category of PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is now available in three special editions.

The lightweight and sturdy black titanium case thanks to its high-strength carbon-based treatment is enriched with hands, indices and orange or yellow rubber strap, or a blue mother of pearl dial.

Designed as a tool for professionals it has a satin finish with no reflections and it is equipped with an electronic multi-function Breitling SuperQuartz™ movement, ten times more accurate than ordinary quartzes, and officially certified as a chronometer.

A clock designed for professionals, which, thanks to its versatility and its aesthetics, is suitable for everyday life. Bedetti, official Breitling licensee, awaits you in their store in Piazza San Silvestro to show you the whole collection.

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