Franky Zapata, born in 1978 in Marseille, since he was a child he dreamed of flying on the water.

Dedicated to the jet-ski from the age of 16 years first as a pilot and then as a professional test driver, he has won several European and World Championships.

In 2011 he patented the ESH Flyboard®, a hydro-powered board that is connected to a jet-ski, you can perform tricks on the water. A novel device that has quickly become a new sport and a new discipline to the world-wide competition and highly spectacular.

The Zapata Racing® offers different types of hydro-powered appliances for leisure and competition: machines that allow you to live safely new sensations to millions of users around the world. Recently it introduced the Air Flyboard® a board weighing 20 kg equipped with six reactors (four under the table, two on either side) these allow you to fly independently air.

Breitling, specialist technical watches and accomplice of the largest aerospace companies, supports the project Flyboard® Air pledging once again to encourage the audacity and inventiveness that has always characterized the air force since the time of the first "mad on "flying machines.

Franky Zapata has already set the world record, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest distance traveled on a board wheel. Zapata's dream is to fly one day in the clouds. This table over the playful and sporty prove useful application in various sectors, including maintenance of high-rise buildings to oil platforms, from building bridges to the military.

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