Perhaps not everyone knows that - as he recited a famous book of a weekly puzzles known - the Rolex, through its dealerships during the Christmas season offers its partners and loyal customers with a prestigious box of chocolates. The box similar to that of the watches is strictly of green construction paper. Inside there are sixteen chocolates laid on a tray protected by a double map of closed food by a sticker with Rolex logo. Needless to say are made in Switzerland.

The chocolates are in four different flavors and imprinted with Rolex logo at the top. These chocolates are also elegant in taste (cream, hazelnut, vanilla and coffee) and are appreciated savoring them slowly. Give the palate a sensation of sweetness and softness to the eye a feeling of exclusivity typical of Rolex packaging.

The name of Bedetti is closely linked to that of Rolex, with whom has a long and constructive cooperation, and its most loyal customers waiting for Christmas to receive these delicious chocolates that are not commercially available and are produced by Martel chocolate shop founded in Geneva in 1818.

We wish you to quickly enter the circle of clients rewarded by this sweet thought.