Hublot and the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation ( recently presented an art project for charity. With more than 5 million followers on Instagram ( the foundation is loved by both celebrities and ordinary people, continuously growing, therefore constantly looking for funds.

In collaboration with Hublot, ten artists will be the ambassadors of this charitable program. Thanks to their unconditional love for animals and our environment, these characters have decided to support and help this noble cause with their talent. Each artist will receive a statue shaped like a feline on which to work during the next few weeks, customizing it to suit their artistic skills and according to their sensitivity for communicating a message of respect and preservation of environment and wildlife.

The deadline for this first phase of the project will be next November 1. Hublot is also planning a dinner and will auction these unique masterpieces to raise money for the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation - a unique place in the world, where more than 300 animals were housed after being ripped by hard labour in circuses, zoos and farms