Conceived in 1968, by the creative inspiration of the architect Rebecchini, the round and majestic elevator, in glazed steel, settled in the middle of the great sales hall of the Bedetti shop, is unique in its kind. Inspired by the watch cases, the elevator lays on a big wood stage – round shaped too- and allows to reach the upper story where it’s located the legendary showroom and the studios for gemstones and watchmaking.

To this day, the shop preserves its original feature with the horseshoe-shaped pavillon and the steel column, a design element, in the past futuristic, but that today gives a vintage signature to the shop, and makes it a unique example of retro-tech style, like a James Bond movie.

In a world where many jewelry stores are similar and renovated according to modern criterions and aseptic concepts, we are proud to carry on a centenary tradition in a store with a distinctive image  – member of the association “Roman Historic Shops of Excellence” - that had the pleasure to have among its guests, personalities the likes of Audrey Hepburn.