In addition to the viewing capabilities - seconds, minutes, hours, date and other indicators - the dial gives each watch their own specific identity. The interface between the mechanical movement of a timepiece and the person who is wearing it, the dial is a circumscribed space where design and functionality must merge into a unique aesthetically pleasing.

This is why the creation of a dial is a real métier d'art, which requires artistic expertise and technological tools of the last generation. Rolex is one of the few Maison Haute Horlogerie in the world who internally takes care of all the aspects of the creation of these small metal plates the size of a card of invitation: from concept to production. The rich color palette offered by Rolex for its dials owes its success to three parameters cleverly combined: advanced physics, chemistry and pure aesthetic sense out of the ordinary.

Mother of pearl, gold, meteorite and diamonds are just some of the precious materials that Rolex uses to give an aesthetic and a distinctive character to each of its quadrants. Some are embellished with sandblasted finish or soleil, other beautifully lacquered. The designs in relief are made by machine or by electroforming. The hour markers that are either in Arabic or Roman numerals, gems or luminescent - are always made in 18k gold, and applied by hand.

The final touch is the most symbolic: the application of the Rolex crown.