Just as cars, clocks in order to continue to be performing ,need a proper maintenance. Every four or five years, depending on the type of mechanism and the use you make of your watch, it is important to revise its mechanicals even if it works properly. In the absence of proper lubrication of the moving parts , the internal mechanisms begins to produce friction between them. The mechanical clock is composed of hundreds of parts: wheels, levers, bridges, screws etc. All of these components act under stress and without ever resting and are subject to many stresses from various external agents including the moisture and perspiration of the wrist and are therefore more subject to wear.

All these factors can affect the seals and chest and can even penetrate inside and affect the movement. Before having to intervene from the block of a watch, with a much more expensive repair and maybe even with the replacement of parts, it is good to make your clock checked by expert hands and take a few little precautions. It is a good practice to always carry forward slightly the hours and minutes and to avoid the adjustments to the date between 21:00 and 3:00 in the morning so as not to interfere with the sync of the date change.

Engineers Bedetti are at your disposal to advise you on the best and help you keep in top shape your mechanical watch. Come to our store and make a check-up for free and without obligation.