Lang Lang, Chinese internationally renowed pianist, on April 13th went to the Hublot headquarters in Nyon, Canton Vaud.

Lang is currently on tour in Europe, during his time off, between a concert in Basel and one in Leipzig, wanted to visit the complications workshop of the brand he’s testimonial are made.

Curios and social, the pianist, he had the great pleasure to appreciate the watchmakers job and he’s asked many questions in particular about the model he wears during his concerts: the Big Bang Carbon Bezel Baguette Diamonds.

Known for the amplification of his gestures and facial expressions- due to an authentic expression of his feelings- Lang like all the great artists is both hated and loved. Consider that a music critic from Chicago Tribune, described him: “The greatest and stimulating piano talent I’ve ever heard in many years of presence at recitals.

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, and other VIP who where there, heard with enthusiasm the pieces that Lang played at the complications workshop, where for the occasion of his visit, it has been placed the piano the artist is in the habit to play.

Both the art of music and of the watchmaking have been so combined, in a strong partnership to give merit to the rhytm of time.