Thanks to Hans Wilsdorf’s intuition, the company Tudor makes, since its beginning, high quality watches but economically more affordable compared with Rolex ones, that guarantees their worth.

The first watches had on the clock face the Tudor designer brand as a logo, with the horizontal board of the T letter that stretched above other letters, and in some uncommon samples, beside appeared the name Rolex too.
Later the brandname has been replaced with a decorative rose, that was the symbol of the English dynasty Tudor within a shield. After the first half of the’40s the shield disappeared and only the rose remained, and near the end of the ‘60s, the logo is changed for good; the rose is replaced with the shield that better represented the message of stability and integrity that Tudor decided to spread for its watches.

Watches that have been associated with scientific actions, and that belong to the US Navy and the French Navy military equipment. 

Today the brand core style are three: Heritage Black Bay, Pelagos and Fastrider Black Shield. 

The new Heritage Black Bay Blu recalls two watches of Tudor’s history: the Submariner 7922 from 1954 and the 7924 from 1958. Athletic and modern, it represents the will to define a stronger and stronger brand identity. On the black clock face, there are silver indexes and argentè hands, though they have kept the typical shape of both minute and hour hands with the unique snowflake design, Tudor marking of identification.

The Pelagos up to 500 meters waterproof, is a tribute to the sea and to those who explore it and protect it.  It has a vintage aspect but it’s a amalgam of technique and innovation. It’s athletic nature and its reliability make it an essential device for time measuring conceived for huge depths.

The Fastrider Black Shield is a symbol of strenght and manhood. A mechanical machinery that belongs to a wild universe, a “volcanic” world that evokes the high temperature fusion which foreruns the inception of the black opaque hi- tech ceramic, that entirely assembles this watch’s monobloc. The Fastrider Black Shield can ideally be compared to a powerful motorbike. That’s why Tudor, in cooperation with Ducati, of which is the timing official partner, customized the Diavel Carbon model, by wrapping the bodywork with an opaque black covering, revived with few red details.

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