The engagement ring is not just a jewel: it is the ring . What all women would dream to see to be put on their finger once in their lives, suspended between tears and happiness. The story of the ring has origins, traditions and ancient rituals. The first people to use rings were the Egyptians, but it is with the Romans that the ring acquired the value of a symbol of love between man and woman. In fact, the tradition that when two lovers celebrated their wedding they should exchange rings to seal their pact of love , was born In the city of Rome.

The ring was put in the "anularius" finger, the one near the little finger of the left hand by which Romans believed would pass the "vena amoris": a small artery that up along the arm came straight to the heart. Rapidly, the fashion of wearing rings was widespread in ancient Rome, and therefore they created “the anularii “ (or annular) , they were a category of jewelers that produced exclusively rings.

Symbolically rich in meaning, the engagement ring is par excellence, since the fifteenth century with diamonds . The tradition dates back to 1477 when Maximilian of Hapsburg gave Mary of Borgogna a diamond ring, to give his promise of marriage. The classic types of diamond engagement rings are generally three: the lonely, the most common; the "Riviera", covered with many small diamonds; The trilogy, composed of three diamonds symbolizing love of the past, present and future.

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