Four videos, four stories to tell about the summer. The intense blue sky of the island of Capri bends in the homonymous elegant and colourful Pomellato collection.

The Milanese brand has always been used synonymously with creativity and over time has always been able to introduce innovations in the market by presenting yearly collections and enriching the existing collections with details that do not go unnoticed. So does the new Capri Cromie collection. New models, new colours, contrasts between the visions of gems, ceramics, pink gold and tone-on-tone games.

Rings, necklaces and earrings in various colours with coloured petals on embedded frames. A never ending summer that runs through all seasons in timeless elegance. Every moment can reveal new beauties even in a single reflection: precisely the leitmotiv of the video.

For an independent woman, sophisticated and determined but also delicate and sensual. Like a flower that blooms in summer, finding space in the rock.

Come to our shop to see the new Pomellato collections. Jewelry inspired by the elegance of a maverick who made them the perfect ambassadors of Italian style in the world in a very short time.

Watch the video: