The Formula 1 or Formula one is the most illustrious and famous car competion in the world. Born in 1948 to replace the Formula A, it became globally known in 1950.

Since the beginning of 2013, Rolex is global partner and official watch of the Formula 1. It’s a goal that endorses the historical bond in which Rolex gives support to universal relevance sports, to the automobile races and to speed in general since the 30’s. In fact it was 1935 when the pilot Malcolm Campbell – one of the first Rolex testimonial- broke the record of speed on ground for 301 miles (484 km/h) by driving its racing car Bluebird, wearing a Rolex Oyster at his wrist.

The duo between Formula 1 and Rolex is the most natural they can: high performances, absolute precision, high technology and innovation are in fact the aims that both the companies have; leader in the corresponding fields, that throuhght an extraordinary know-how, constantly face the extents possible.

An exceptional partnership that is part of Rolex’s strategic willpower to extend its already ample activity of philanthropic programs, of mecenatism and of event sponsorships that have high symbolic importance and are universally appreciated.

The F1 is all over the world, with 20 established races in 20 countries of the 5 continents, is the election theater for Rolex, who will mark the time in different places during the Grand Prix: the Rolex logo will appear in different areas of the racetracks and in many important bends.

The Rolex presence, whereof Bedetti is the authorized retailer, in Formula 1 will be stronger and stronger during the next seasons, that we wish to be engaging like the superlative engeneering and the willpower to pass the limits of technology of this brand, who from more than a century makes watches with a timeless class.