Discovered in early January 1967 by Ndugu Jumanne Ngoma, a member of the Masai tribe, Tanzanite is a mineral, more precisely it is a variety of transparent Zoisite. The name Tanzanite was given by the vice president of Tiffany & Co Harry Platt in honor of the State in which the rare gem was found: in northern Tanzania at the foot of Merelani mountains near the city of Arusha.

Much appreciated for its crystalline characteristics and for its pleochroism that is responsible for the color change that occurs by looking at the crystal from different directions, depending on the orientation of the light the Tanzanite has a colour that ranges from blue to red-purple, and brown to yellow-greenish (bronze). But there are also yellow, green, orange, pink and bicolor specimen where blue joins green, this depends on the amount and percentage of chromium and vanadium present in the crystals.

The rarest and most valuable color of Tanzanite is the bright sky-blue "Sapphire", based on the fact that most Tanzanites have a purplish blue or purple color, and is faceted to accentuate the intensity of the blue color. The purity standard of the Tanzanite is usually eye-clean or no visible inclusions when the gem is examined with the naked eye from a distance of 15 cm and can present a good degree of purity under a magnification lens.

Symbol of elegance and rarity, it is often given for the birth of a child. The deep blue that characterizes it, is a sacred color for Masai women, receiving the gift of a blue robe just before the arrival of each baby as a good omen for a healthy live, positivity and success.

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