"I'm versatile, lively and refined. You can wear me at all times of the day." This is the promise that Baume & Mercier has made to its customers with the new "Petit Promises" line.

A timepiece designed for today’s women, full of commitments, divided between family and work. Women who do not wait for a man’s gift and if they fall in love with an object they feel free to buy it. Petite Promises is a small icon of the new female spirit of today. The perfect game between the oval and the round gives the watch a subtle harmony. Its design is contemporary and at the same time refers to small jewellery watches designed by Baume & Mercier in the 20’s. An elliptical dial of only 22 mm diameter with diamonds and mother pearls with Swiss Made quartz movement, a design with clean lines and a double strap that wraps around the wrist like a bracelet.

A simple and elegant clock-accessory available in steel or strap of blue or orange leather. Discreet as the bond with the people you love. Bold, feminine and full of colour, Petite Promises will be your accomplice in hours and little moments of joy.

Bedetti, official Baume & Mercier dealer, awaits you in their store in Piazza San Silvestro to show you the whole new collection.