Rome at the end of 50’s; Dino Risi is looking for a location for his last movie: Love and Larceny. A place that could be emotional, preserved in time: an historical jewelry store in Rome. The choice couldn’t end on the Piazza San Silvestro’s Bedetti family store.

So it happened that Anna Maria Ferrero, in the movie, Vittorio Gassman’s wife, shoots inside the Bedetti store, the memorable scene in which, playng the role of a thief, hangs a ring under the counter with a chewing gum, but she is in turn fooled by her husband that asking for a “watchstrap” takes away the booty.

The Bedetti family is proud for contributing to the shooting of this brillant comedy, that is now part of the Italian cultural heritage and looks forward to seeing you in his shop, where since decades quality and his products style play a leading role.