Inspired by the sculpture "For the Love of God" by the British artist Damien Hirst - a skull in platinum enriched by over eight thousand diamonds, including a pink diamond teardrop shaped - The Pendant Skull by Bedetti jewelry is an explosion of colors. With its deep blue sapphires for eyes, the bright green of the Colombian emerald teardrop for the nose ,with its third eye surrounded by shades of purple red rubies in Marquise cut (an oval whose ends terminate in a cusp) and the brown-black bright diamonds for the teeth. All surrounded and embellished with almost a carat and a half of pure and white diamonds.

A kaleidoscope of colors, an original and distinctive jewel from Bedetti jewelry, which makes this pendant an object full of vitality thanks to the mystical shape of the skulls typical in pre-Columbian , Mesoamerican or Hindus era. A radiance that shines through in every piece of jewelery that the Bedetti laboratory designs. This jewel is a harbinger of a message: the aesthetics of a product goes beyond its symbolism when it is approaching art.