Women always loved to adorn themselves wearing jewels of the most varied forms, colors and materials in order to show their own personality with a bright touch that makes them even more beautiful and desired. Earrings that illuminate the face, necklaces that enrich the neckline making it even more sensual and elegant, bracelets and rings of multiple forms with shining bright stones.

Over the last half a century Bedetti have been producing wonderful jewelry with meticulous care, using carefully selected materials and gems that dazzle with their splendor, attracting with quality details not only the more careful eyes. Each jewel is original and unique, just like the woman who wears it, and an expression of authentic made in Italy jewelry craftsmanship.

Pure and perfect gems shape the jewels receiving back the greatest degree of valorization. Colorful and vibrant they express the joy of life with unique style and undisputed sophistication.

The jewels say much of the wearer, becoming pure expressions of femininity, mood and personality. From this point of view the Bedetti creations convey with unequaled elegance the wearer’s nature.

It is often said that jewels, especially diamonds, are women’s the best friends. The Bedetti workroom springs creations that emit a striking and charming fascination.