Dinh Van

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«the free spirit of the French jewelry»

Created in 1965, dinhvan brought a spirit of freedom by introducing design to the world of fine jewelry. The House creates graphic, sleek, modern jewelry in an inimitable style. Far removed from traditional fine jewelry, dinhvan takes jewelry to the streets, inventing an everyday luxury, a luxury for oneself.

Freed from the constraints of convention, its creations are made for strong, emancipated women who wear jewelry for themselve , not for those who look at them. dinhvan invents contemporary fine jewelry with a single thought in mind: true luxury is simplicity.


A clasp turned jewelry piece

In1976,dinh van drew inspiration from the shape of a key head to design a key ring that could easily separate two keys. Attached to a chain, this ingenious system became a clasp. While clasps are traditionally concealed infine jewelry, here dinh van has made the clasp the main feature.

This clasp quickly became known as the Menottes dinh van (handcuff) because once the two elements are interlaced, it is practically impossible to separate them again.


Squaring the circle

Created in the early1970s, Le Cube Diamant is a play on filled and unfilled spaces.

It combines the circle, a symbol of spirituality, and the square, a symbol of stability. The two opposite figures unite to greetabeautifuldiamond.

Born of an acute observation of the hand, fingers are not round, the shape of dinh van wedding bands reinterprets the square,a symbol of stability.