Certified Diamonds

Diamond Certification is considered the fifth C of the diamond, and is a document that guarantees all its features.

The Bedetti company ask diamonds to be certified by the major gemological institutes in the world: Structures that are both independent and authoritative, like the GIA in New York, the HRD and IGI in Antwerp.


The solitaire


Since ancient times, the gift of a ring has been the seal on a promise of love.

A diamond ring is the engagement ring par excellence, announcing a transition, the moment every woman waits for.

To create the traditional Bedetti diamond solitaire ring, the precious stones are carefully selected by gemologists of the Bedetti family and hand-embedded by the most experienced goldsmiths.

Accompanying the ring will be certification from one of the three major gemological institutes in the world, and a certificate signed by a Bedetti family member.

The Tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet was named for the famous American tennis player Chris Evert, who in 1987 stopped a US Open game because she had lost one of her diamond bracelets.

During the following press conference, she explained to everyone that the interruption of the game was necessary because she was inseparable from her tennis bracelet, thus unwittingly starting one of the must have fashions today.

Since then, in fact, the classic diamond bracelet is known as a tennis bracelet, fine jewelry with a sporty spirit.

The shape of the tennis bracelet is a flexible band composed of a row of identical diamonds, usually of a brilliant cut, embedded in succession along the length of the bracelet on a gold ribbon.

Simple and classy.

The tennis bracelet is flexible and perfectly follows the movements of the wrist.

Because of this characteristic it can be worn on any occasion, from sports events to the most elegant ones.

The tennis bracelet continues to hold unquestioned charm and elegance, thanks to its simplicity and at the same time its sophisticated workmanship.


The trilogy


The Trilogy Ring is one of the most classic pieces of jewelry and is characterized by the presence of three brilliant-cut diamonds.

The round shape brings out the maximum brilliance of the diamond: it is also the reason why the Trilogy is characterized by an intense light, which makes it one of the most popular accessories.

It is often in white gold with three identical diamonds. More rarely is contains a larger central stone, accompanied by two side stones of smaller size.

The Trilogy ring represents an exclusive timeless object whose value remains unchanged.

It can be chosen for all the important events in life. It can be given to a loved one, at the time of the birth of a child, on the occasion of her birthday or the achievement of a professional goal.