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"Swiss avant-garde since 1860". The slogan that accompanies the TAG Heuer logo, sums up the story of a watch-maker that, since its inception - has focused decisively on technology advancement. It was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in Saint-Imier in the Swiss Jura, but the brand's association with TAG (Technology of the Avant-Garde) dates back to 1985.
This interest in new technology is evident in the many patents obtained during their brand's history and the many watches that represented authentic milestones in models designed to measure time in sports, an area to which Heuer has devoted their finest resources since their first decades of operation.

Official timekeeper of several Olympic Games Tag Heuer has marked some of the most significant events in its history: in the racing world, where it launched the collection Carrera and Monaco, and held the title of official timekeeper of Formula One in 90s.
True to this tradition, which has imposed very high standards of accuracy and efficiency in its production of watches, TAG Heuer has recently focused on technical advances in the movement, particularly on the development of highly innovative mechanisms capable of exceptional precision performance.


The classic yet sporty watch inspired by motor racing. The TAG Heuer Carrera collection embodies the sporty watch of active, successful men who are always looking for performance. Designed as a tribute to the famous and dangerous Carrera Panamericana car race, the watch was the first chronograph specifically designed for professional drivers.


Launched in 1969, the Monaco changed the face of luxury Swiss watchmaking forever. Considered a must-have for collectors and motor racing enthusiasts, the TAG Heuer Monaco is distinguished by design elements such as the large, perpendicularly cut case and virtually unscratchable beveled sapphire crystal.


The TAG HEUER Formula 1 collection is tied to the world of motor racing, though with a more modern and revolutionary twist. Inspired by the most advanced technology found on Formula 1 tracks, this collection is rugged enough for professionals, but also stylish enough for everyday wear, thanks to its colorful and easily wearable materials.


Forged for the deeps and fit for every ground, the ultimate tool watch pushes the boundaries of luxury timekeeping. Sporting heavy-duty materials, this ultimate tool watch emerges with a new lease of life.


TAG Heuer Connected is the first luxury smartwatch designed for everyday life and sports performance. It is a unique fusion between the preciousness and elegance of a chronograph-inspired model, crafted in the finest watchmaking tradition, and a cutting-edge, personalized performance-oriented digital experience.
The TAG Heuer Connected offers a versatile wristwatch that enhances the lifestyle with sports experiences in the TAG Heuer Sport app.