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From the Eternal City comes a collection of timeless jewelry.
The inspiration for Roman Collection came from an original discovery.

In 1993, near Rome, in the town of Vallerano the sarcophagus of a noble lady living at the time of the Antonine dynast was found.

Inside was a treasure of inestimable worth, rings, necklaces, earrings all perfectly preserved.

Among them was a unique piece: the first and oldest diamond ring in history.

We wanted to give new life to this jewel by reproducing it faithfully and creating an entire collection around it. We present the beauty and charm of the jewelry incorporating an incredibly modern taste yet inspired by the fashion of the second century CE. Expert Roman craftsmen recreated it respecting the ancient work: the carat weight of the gold, 22 carat instead of 18; and naturally rough diamonds are used.

Even the embedding, which allows a direct contact between skin and the gem has been faithfully reproduced to help, as it was thought, absorb positive influences from the diamond.