Patented from Rolex in 1953, the Cyclope glass, placed on the Datejust clock face window – the archetype of the traditional watch – enlarges the date two and a half times to ease the reading. It owes his name to the monocular giants of the Greek mythology, and it’s one of the most recognizable and representative of Rolex distinctive characteristics. Today in fact the most of Oyster with date is geared with Cyclope magnifying glass.

At the beginning, Cyclope lens and plexiglass glass used to be a unique part.
During the 70’s in order to increase their resistance, Rolex decided to provide them of unbreakable sapphire glass. The magnifying lens Cyclope, made with the same sappphire glass where is set up, becomes a separated element; in this way, and the non-glare process on both the sides, enhances the date readability. Nowadays the models equipped with plastic glass are valued from collectors and Rolex vintage lovers.

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