The US president is the most powerful man of the world par excellence. But there is one thing which is out of his control and that it’s the same for all of the most powerful and rich men on earth: the time. Maybe that's why their relationship with measuring instruments is such a controversial love-hate relationship and they alternate objects of little value to precious Haute Horlogerie creations, gold watches to massive steel sports chronographs.

 The 44th and current president, Barack Obama, for example has been wearing watches worth less than one thousand Euro for the last twenty years on his wrist. From 1991 until 2007 he wore a Tag Heuer 1500 series, which at the time cost $ 575, and was given to him by Michelle. In 2007, the Tag Heuer watch has been replaced by a Jorg Gray JG6500 worth about $ 395 given to him by his security staff.

Apparently the Tag Heuer sports chronographs were also much loved by Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States. In 1946 a picture of General Eisenhower was even used to promote Maison in Brazil. Eisenhower also gladly wore a gold Rolex Oyster which was portrayed in a famous cover of the weekly "Life" magazine, helping to spread the Rolex brand throughout the US.

 With us the situation is similar. We don’t know what the Italian President Sergio Mattarella wears, but we are sure that Silvio Berlusconi often wears a golden Vacheron Constantin Overseas on his wrist, when he’s not wearing a Nileg, he had bought for his father with his first earnings.

 The Premier Matteo Renzi instead passes easily from a purple Swatch to a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, going through several Rolex including a Daytona chronograph.

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