Pomellato since 1967 makes jewells with a perfect mix between tradition and innovation, and it has been the first company that launched precious pret-à-porter.

Main symbol of this philosophy is the collection “Nudo”, the ring in particular: a classic solitaire, affordable and colored, democratic and valuable at the same time.  A white or pink gold base with different stones kindly squared, with gaudy colors: lemon and maidera quartz, light blue, white topaz, green prasiolite, amethist and so.  Chernished and loved rings by a cross clientele, both for census and age. Consider that in more than ten years Pomellato sold more than 100.000, made by company goldsmith labs where more that one hundred master craftmen worked.

The brand Pomellato is since forever synonimous of creativity. During the ages this maison has always had the ability to distribute on the market, by presenting one collection per year and by increasing the pre-existing ones with details that aren’t unnoticed.

The rings from the Nudo line are available in four different versions: Petit, for the lovers the small stone’s sobriety, Classic the traditional size, Maxi to enhance the preciousness and With Diamonds, with the hose clamp beset with white diamonds to have an absolut and unwordly brillance.

Are part of the Nudo collection - born in 2001 and shortly became a Pomellato classic - earrings, necklaces and bracelets with an elegant design enriched by colored stones.

Pop in to see us in our shop to enjoy these timeless jewells that embody Pomellato virtues, style and charme.