On May 4th 1924 the Paris Olympic Games, the last ones to be organized under the presidency of Pierre de Coubertin, started.

The official chronographs of the event were the TAG Heuer pocket rattrapante chronographs, already employed in the 1920 Anversa Games.

The 1924 kermesse was a successful sport event, both for the organization and for the audience, and it increased TAG Heuer's prestige. The Swiss company was already famous for inventing the Mikrograph and the Microsplit in 1916, the world's first sport chronometers to master 1/100th of a second.

A real revolution in the sport horology industry. One only needs to think that thanks to the flyback hand, the Microsplit was able to measure the time of two events at the same time.

These watches are the result of a mission that, since more than 150 years, have been taking TAG Heuer to accept the bravest challenges and then to push the envelope. Bedetti, the official dealer of this prestigious brand, awaits you at its sale point in Piazza San Silvestro to show you the new collection.