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Since 1884 to the present day, Bvlgari has been the unsurpassed symbol of Italian excellence. Supported by 2700 years of history, the Maison infuses the splendor of its Roman past into the modern lines of its design. Known for the audacity of its style and the exuberance of its colors, Bulgari makes each of its creations unique and instantly recognizable. Sensuality of volumes and love of linearity combine with a cult of art and architecture to create unmistakable creations shaped by unparalleled craftsmanship. Yesterday as today, Bulgari redefines the future of design and jealously guards the myth of absolute beauty.


Combining disruptive Italian design with highest Swiss watchmaking expertise, Octo is a true game changer in the industry. Meaning « eight » in Latin, Octo was born of the intersection between the square, earthly symbol of life, and the circle, symbol of eternity, drawing its unmistakable octagonal shape from a motif cutting across Rome’s ancient architectural landmarks.
Breaking the rules of conventional watchmaking, Octo has established its pioneering vision of horlogerie, becoming an icon in the whole Bvlgari collection.


Empowered by fascinating myths, since ancient times the snake, an emblem of wisdom, rebirth and vitality, and an ornament and talisman, is a constant presence in jewellery.
BVLGARI was one of the first twentieth-century jewellers to turn this millenary motif into a watch timepiece. The snake embodies all Bvlgari’s hallmarks: love for colour, juxtaposing materials, unmistakable wearability and state-of-the art goldsmith techniques.


Introduced for the first time on 1998 with a bold combination of different materials, sophisticated yet simple, Aluminium reflects Bvlgari’s design. After almost a decade Bvlgari brings back outstanding BB Aluminium to the front scene. The BB Aluminium speaks a universal language that goes far beyond gender, age, trends, eras, social profile and personal style.