Vacheron Constantin

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The oldest watchmaking Maison has never interrupted its producion! This unique, prestigious characteristic belongs to Vacheron Constantin, the leading Swiss watchmaker for over 250 years. Founded in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron, the Company takes its name from an agreement in 1819 between Jacques-Barthélemy Vacheron, grandson of the founder, and François Constantin.

Constantin gave new impetus to the international firm in Geneva, making its creations known far beyond the borders of Switzerland. And that this was just the beginning.

The challenges of advancing technology had to be met, while preserving the spirit of craftsmanship that had driven the old cabinotiers, 'philosopher' artisans who represented the birth of Geneva watchmaking.

In keeping to this double objective, Vacheron Constantin wrote some of the most significant pages of watchmaking history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, giving fans of mechanics watches that are able to express the best of tradition, both in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Currently Vacheron Constantin is part of the Richemont Group. Since 2004, it has been based in Plan-les-Ouates, a new business area of Geneva, where administrative, management and production departments are grouped.