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In a world where tradition is an almost absolute value, Hublot has followed its own path in watchmaking, leading straight into the future. In 1980, it gave its wristwatches a new rubber strap: making an explosive debut in the world of watches and carried a clear message of innovation.

Hublot's success meant it was time to rethink the choice of materials, the design of watches, the very concept of a luxury watch! On these solid foundations in 2004 Hublot entered a new phase of creativity.

Led by Jean-Claude Biver, the brand once again looked forward in time, developing its products and philosophy around the "Art of Fusion", different materials and techniques, combined from a perspective of continuous experimentation, aimed at the creation of objects constructed around truly new styles and cutting-edge contents.

The key moment was the construction of a new manufacture in Nyon, in 2009, a short time after the brand entered the LVMH Group. There, the watches are made that represent the Hublot collection in the world, and it is there, of course, that their most spectacular grand complications are designed and produced.


Hublot’s flagship model, the Big Bang has revolutionized the watchmaking universe with its extraordinary design. A contemporary icon, it is constantly reinventing itself - leaving room for all the technical and aesthetic daring. More than a watch: a state of mind.


Unique, strong and essential, the Classic Fusion collection reinterprets classic elegance with Hublot’s incomparable touch. A resolutely unique style, available in a wide variety of movements, designs, materials and colors.