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FRED is certainly one of the most popular brands of fine jewelry in the world. Since opening the first boutique in Paris in Rue Royale in the Thirties, they distinguished themselves from other players in the industry with their modern designs and refined jewelry.

Force 10 Bracelets

One day in 1966, the son of Fred Samuel watched his son braid a rope to a shackle and had the idea to create a bracelet for his wife. Thus was born the legend of Force 10 Bracelets, a symbol of Prêt-à-porter. An interchangeable bracelet in different colors, sporty yet elegant, that can be worn on every occasion by both men and women.

Pain de sucre Rings

These wonderful rings have precious stones which are interchangeable. You can then change the jewel whenever you wish, depending on your mood, clothing, and occasions. This is a true innovation in the world of jewelry.