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Some people’s destinies are sprinkled with stars, but it was diamonds, pearls and multi-coloured stones that studded the destiny of Fred Samuel. Born in 1908 in Argentina into a family dealing in such precious stones, he conceived a passion for cultured pearls and won recognition as a leading expert in the field.
This passion was joined by a quest for the sunlight that illuminated his childhood in Argentina. Both influences shaped his work, the latter forming a leitmotif, almost becoming his muse.


Since 1966, the Force 10 collection has been constantly reinterpreting the codes that characterise it : buckle and sailing cable. Unique and multiple at the same time, the collection consists of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.


Saisir sa chance and oser. Chance Infinie comes to life by transforming into a talisman: the design is inspired by the lemniscata, symbol of infinity and eternity.
Without beginning or end, the motif symbolizes the continuity of an aesthetic linked to Fred’s history.


FRED celebrates love and dedicates a major collection of high jewelry and jewelry to it: Pretty Woman. Inspired by the iconic necklace created by the House and appearing in the eponymous film in 1990, the Pretty Woman collection has since remained the symbol of a deeply love that is constantly renewed. Jeweler of small and large moments of life, Maison FRED declines the aesthetics of the “heart in the heart” into a talisman, a skin jewel to be worn in accumulation in a joyful body-to-heart, that we offer, offer ourselves and share as a symbolic bond of love.

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