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CHIMENTO is synonymous for quality and excellence in the creation of uniquely designed jewelry, timeless classics that feature Italian Gold as the protagonist.


The company’s history began in 1964 in the famous goldsmith district of Vicenza, where the genius, passion and great entrepreneurial ability of the founder, Adriano Chimento, allowed the brand to become an interpreter of quality Italian goldsmithing and an ambassador of Made in Italy jewelry around the world.


CHIMENTO family has taken up this important legacy by continuing to pass on the role of promoter of Italian goldsmithing mastery through the reinterpretation of its historical successes and the presentation of new lines with a contemporary design.


A perfect synthesis of tradition and design, CHIMENTO collections interpret the classic canons of Italian jewelry in 18 kt gold and precious stones.

Creations with an exquisitely Italian taste, designed for a dynamic and demanding woman, looking for a piece of jewelry that is a precious complement to her personal style, practical and versatile, perfect for every day.


Full-volume jewelry that expresses strength and determination. The focus shifts to the material, pure and magnificent, and the complex workmanship that reveals its excellent craftsmanship.


A refined and timeless design inspired by the innate sensuality of nature’s forms and translated into iconic jewelry that defines your style.


Precious textures and shining dowels alternate in endless sequences of light in Armillas, the iconic collection inspired by the ornamental element par excellence: the bracelet. Studs, braids and interlocks follow one another in rigid bracelets, earrings and rings with thousands of reflections of light and color in their own personal mix and match.


Armillas Glow the new Chimento collection that gives off a hypnotic light, like that of the stars in the night, like sunbeams reflecting on a tilted mirror. An invitation to expand your naturalness, your way of being, your ability to love yourself.


A unique and strongly identifiable success that lives again today in evolved creations with modern, sleek lines for a contemporary woman with a gritty and refined style.


The extreme synthesis of the contemporary character of the collection: clean lines and smooth volumes create comfortable jewelry, perfectly elastic and wearable even without fasteners


X-Tend is the first gold jewelry collection with stretchable link chains. Pleasant as a caress, they expand and contract when you wear them to gently follow the shapes and movements of your body.


FOREVER Brio rings have a playful and fun design made of small dots of white diamonds placed at irregular distances and set on band rings available in various sizes.

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