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The story of Roger Dubuis is characterized above all by an astonishing success. The Manufacture was created in 1995 by a talented master watchmaker: Roger Dubuis. With remarkable dynamism, the Manufacture entered the world of Haute Horlogerie very early on. Between a perfect balance of traditional savoir-faire and avant-garde design, his timepieces immediately stood out.


Excalibur collection is the starting point of all Roger Dubuis inspirations. Iconic aesthetics and exceptional mechanics, the design highlights the technical innovation and vice versa. Through a perfectly mastered know-how, each masterpiece fully displays its temper whether it is resolutely wise or boldly excessive, according to your own personality. In addition, the Excalibur collection expresses itself to its full potential through a wide range of sizes and materials. Nonconformism is ultimately a reasoned choice.


Beauty is subjective, emotion is palpable. When a mechanical “objet d’art” delivers a masterful interpretation of watchmaking know-how, the achievement is a full-fledge. Through an outstanding and contemporary aesthetics, the Velvet collection reveals itself as a veritable 3D sculpture. The sensation of vertigo is inevitable and the flair for details appears in every line, every component, every diamond. Insanity or technicality? No need to choose or any chance to resist. The indisputable power of such timepieces enforces to succumb to temptation.

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