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Each diamond is unique.

Nature ensures that each diamond is as unique as the wearer, leaving natural characteristics, called inclusions, which are the diamond’s fingerprints. However, most of the internal and external characteristics of diamonds are not visible to the naked eye, but even if visible with a 10-magnification loupe, only the expert and trained eye will be able to identify them. The number, size, color and position of each inclusion in the diamond determine the degree of clarity and therefore the rarity of the gem.


It is the only one of the 4 characteristics dictated by man.

Nature determines the characteristics of the diamond, but it is the skill of the master cutter that reveals its splendor, luminosity and beauty. The higher the quality of the cut, the better the combination of brilliance and fire of the stone. If a diamond is cut with a pavilion that is too deep or too shallow, light is lost from the sides or base, reducing its beauty and brilliance.


Color is certainly the most subjective characteristic and the choice depends on personal taste.

Evaluating a diamond’s color for grading purposes is achieved by measuring how closely it approaches colorlessness. Nature has left its mark inside most diamonds which show almost imperceptible shades of yellow if the trace is nitrogen. There are diamonds that show a rare color, sometimes intense: these diamonds are particularly precious and are called “fancy”.

Weight in Carats

The weight of diamonds, like that of other gems, is expressed in carats.

Currently the carat is a decimal unit of measurement which corresponds to 1/5 of a gram, divided into 100 points: for example, 0.75 carats correspond to 75 points or 3/4 of a carat. The more diamonds weigh, the larger and rarer they are in nature and their price increases exponentially. However, the value of your diamond doesn’t just depend on its weight. Two diamonds of equal weight can have very different values depending on their cut, color and internal characteristics.

Certificate Diamonds

The diamond certification is considered the “fifth C” of the diamond, and is a document that guarantees all its characteristics.

The Bedetti company has its diamonds certified by the major gemological institutes in the world: independent and authoritative structures such as GIA in New York, HRD and IGI in Antwerp.

The solitaire

Since ancient times, the gift of a ring has been the seal of a promise of love.

The diamond ring is the engagement ring par excellence, it announces a passage, the most awaited moment for every woman.

For the creation of the traditional Bedetti solitaire diamond ring, the precious stones are expertly selected by the gemologists of the Bedetti family and set by the hands of the most expert goldsmiths.

To accompany the ring there will be both the certification of one of the 3 major gemological institutes in the world, and the certification signed by a member of the Bedetti family.

The Tennis bracelet

The Tennis bracelet was renamed by chance with this name by the famous American tennis player Chris Evert, who in 1987 had a match at the United States Open interrupted because he had lost one of his diamond bracelets.

During the following press conference, he explained to everyone that the interruption of the game had been indispensable as she never separated from her tennis bracelet, thus unknowingly giving the name to one of the “must” of today’s fashion.

Since then, in fact, the classic diamond bracelet has been known to all as a tennis bracelet, a refined jewel with a sporty soul.

The shape of the bracelet is a flexible rivière bracelet composed of a row of identical diamonds, usually brilliant cut, set in succession along the entire length in a gold setting.

The tennis bracelet adapts perfectly to the movements of the wrist.

Precisely because of this characteristic, it lends itself to being worn on any occasion, from the sportiest to the most elegant.

The tennis bracelet continues to maintain an undisputed charm and elegance, thanks to its simplicity and at the same time its sophisticated workmanship.

The trilogy

The Trilogy ring is one of the most classic jewels and is characterized by the presence of three brilliant cut diamonds.

The round shape allows you to maximize the brilliance of the diamond: it is also for this reason that the Trilogy is characterized by an intense brightness, which makes it one of the most popular accessories.

The Trilogy is often in white gold, with three identical diamonds. More rarely it is characterized by a larger central stone, accompanied by two smaller side stones.

The Trilogy represents the exclusivity of an ever-present object, which maintains its value unchanged over time.

Trilogy rings can be chosen for all of life’s important anniversaries. It can be given to a loved one at the time of the birth of a child, or on the occasion of her birthday or the achievement of a professional goal.

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