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NOMOS Glashütte is the largest manufacturer of mechanical movements in Germany. Inspired by the Bauhaus style, the watches are fitted with manual and automatic movements, all made internally by the manufacture, which today can boast even 11 calibres produced in complete autonomy and in compliance with the highest quality standards. This independent brand has received around 140 international awards for design, quality and the relationship between quality and the price. On the occasion of the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2018, NOMOS Glashütte received the award for thr model Tangente Update. According to the jury, “the Bauhaus-style watch features a hand-made movement whose value exceeds the price by far”.


Trendy and uncompromising: the apex of a nomos watch.
This is Nomos Glashütte: tangente, the round watch with all the right angles, represents Glashütte watchmaking like no other. Tangente is our best-selling model for 25 years, the award-winning classic on the wrist.


This golden watch is one of the best products of Glashütte. The dial is as delicate as a drawing. The Nomos caliber with sunburst finish, gold chatons, hand engraved edges. A watchmaking masterpiece that will last a lifetime (and beyond).


Elegant, masculine and safe: for the men of the world, the award-winning Zürich gives the wrist an essential sobriety. The elegance of the design, combined with the complexity of the mechanics, creates an unmistakable effect. The automatic calibers, handcrafted from nomos to Glashütte, form the heart of this model, also available in the hourly version worldwide.


One of the toughest NOMOS watches, unpretentious but always elegant whether at a business meeting, in the mountains or at the disco. Its performance is always on the top: with high-end calibres handcrafted according to the highest NOMOS quality.


With Orion, we’ve taken the essentials to an artistic level. This watch is the most refined, sleek and elegant of our watches. Orion is a watch for life and beyond.


In expressive colors or in a magnificent shiny silver: squaring the circle. Four versions of the classic Tetra model from our manufacture.

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